A Christmas Present for Barney Bunny BIG BOOK Level B  Reader

A Christmas Present for Barney Bunny BIG BOOK Level B Reader

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BIG BOOKS Specially devised for shared reading Helbling Young Readers Big Books make reading a fun experience while being a powerful tool for language learning. Maxi-format illustrations will captivate any class or group and enlarged text will allow children to see and follow words as they are pointed to and read by the teacher. For confident motivated readers Size: 35x47 cm Pages: 24 (story only) Picture dictionary Quick guide in book Story available as MP3 download ALSO AVAILABLE Guide to using Big Books Helbling Young Readers Big Books will bring reading to life for all children in your classes. They are an ideal way to make reading a shared experience and fun group situations will then help develop confident and motivated individual readers. Why shared reading and interactive reading aloud makes a difference Children love a good story and the attention of being read to personally. Children feel involved in the action and they even forget that it is a formal teaching situation. Comprehension is almost immediate, with instant clarification and support from the teacher. As children observe and listen they develop strategies for of listening and speaking situations. Helps in teaching frequently used vocabulary. Encourages initiative in the form of prediction, observation, connection, clarifying, asking questions, making comments, entering a story world and using their own imagination. Encourages and breaks down barriers for children struggling to read.

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