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Cambridge Dictionaries
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Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary Fourth edition Paperback with CD-ROM

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionarywith CD-ROM4th EditionProduct descriptionA fully updated edit..

150.00 RON Ex Tax: 150.00 RON

Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary Paperback

Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary18th EditionProduct descriptionThe 18th edition of Daniel Jo..

152.00 RON Ex Tax: 152.00 RON

Cambridge Learner's Dictionary Paperback with CD-ROM

Cambridge Learner's Dictionarywith CD-ROM4th EditionProduct descriptionThe Cambridge Learner's Dicti..

100.00 RON Ex Tax: 100.00 RON

Cambridge Phrasal Verbs Dictionary Paperback

Cambridge Phrasal Verbs Dictionary2nd EditionProduct descriptionThe new edition of the Cambridge Phr..

95.00 RON Ex Tax: 95.00 RON

Cambridge Idioms Dictionary Paperback

Cambridge Idioms Dictionary2nd EditionProduct descriptionThis new edition of the Cambridge Idioms Di..

95.00 RON Ex Tax: 95.00 RON