What is Koala International Competition

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                   (by KGL Contest in English)


          KGL Contest is the fastest growing competition available globally and children all over the world love it!





The KGL Contest is organized by the International Testing Authority, Irland.



What makes KGL popular?


  •   KGL can be taken by students up to the age of 18 provided they are learning
  •   English as a foreign language.
  •   KGL motivates students through a rewarding fun contest.
  •   KGL tests are of the highest quality and standards.
  •   All KGL Contestants receive a result and information on criteria for selection to Stage 2
  •   All levels linked to the CEFR.
  •   Prizes for all winners at each level.
  •   Prepares students for future language assessments.
  •   The KGL International School Partner logo (Platinum, Gold, Silver) is awarded to schools according to entries and is valid for the period stated. This logo can be used for advertising and promotion as outlined in the guidelines accompanying the logo.


            In Romania KOALA INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION is organized at national level by the European Examination Center (EECentre), as the Official Partner of the Romanian Competition.


           Educational Centre Romania supports performance together with EECentre - European Examinations!


            Congratulations to all the winners of KOALA International Competition, students passionate about learning English and teachers dedicated to their vocation!