Why reading in these times?

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Why reading in these times?


   These times... as any other times, special or not, children are asked to read... by their teachers as an assignment for different subjects or by their parents for reasons of culture, personal intellectual development, etc.  Children are suggested to read, are asked to, they are urged to read... and unfortunately, very few of them do it and less than a few do it with pleasure.


   For me, mother of three children, being in my 40’s and being raised in my childhood with this cult for reading, it is quite difficult to understand how you can’t like reading, as many children and young adults claim nowadays. All my young years I grew up with stories first read by my grandmother and then, by myself. It’s true ages change, mentality changes, interests change, now children are focused on other things, on ultramodern technology that captures all their attention.


   And still... reading a non fictional book or a fiction book gives you huge opportunities in all directions: new information, new vocabulary, consolidation of grammar rules, spelling and punctuation, and most of all learning, new things to find out, escaping to an imaginary world of beauty, courage, adventure, inner reflection, or any other wonderful discoveries. 


   So, more than in any other times, especially now, because of this lockdown, we should encourage our children to read. If they are physically blocked in their homes, they still can travel with their minds, they still can escape from this cruel reality going to wonderful places, living extraordinary adventures alongside the characters of their favorite books!


   Let them read whatever they feel like, give them suggestions of good titles and encourage them to let their imagination free! Inspire them by your own example and read a few pages together or at least, talk to them about what they have just read, be interested in what information they come up with, being it from a book or from a blog, a site, an article on the internet, on Facebook or any other source!


   Give your children books to read! Give your children wings to fly! Because, as ― Joseph Brodsky said, “There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.” 


     You can also get inspired by our friend, Andy Cowle, and his very interesting articles on his blog: www.eltconnections.com/blog/category/reading  

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